The layout of the individual apartments and suites of the Metropolis project is designed to be highly efficient. The architectural and technological solution for ceiling heating and cooling enables full use of the space, which will suit even the most demanding clients.

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The exterior of the Metropolis project represents a modern principle of urban housing, which underlines the Genius loci of the new center of Bratislava.

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We bring you current shots of construction, the successful course of which guarantees the precision and innovative approach of a Japanese construction company with a 400-year-old TAKENAKA tradition. The shots were taken in July 2022.

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The residential project has now reached its final height. The momentous occasion was accompanied by topping out the building with a tree decorated with ribbons as a symbol of good luck and protection, and as a way of thanking the builders for the work they have done to keep construction work moving apace. The celebratory event was attended by the representative of the developer, Mint Investments, who was joined by representatives of the project’s contractors.

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