A select address for the best living

Premium apartments at one of the best addresses in Slovakia

A lucrative address for the best life

A place full of inspiration. Bratislava’s new downtown is a modern world-class quarter and an ideal place for a comfortable life. All you can think of is within your reach. Parks, the Danube embankment, shops, and culture. Here is a place to not simply live, but to live to the fullest. Allow yourself to be captivated by the city rhythm and its pulsing energy. Or take a break from its hustle and bustle in your own private zone, which will provide you with sufficient intimacy. Both are possible in Metropolis.

Metropolis lokalita
20 min historic city centre
Metropolis lokalita
12 min Danube promenade
Metropolis lokalita
6 min NIVY bus station and shopping zone
Metropolis lokalita
11 min Slovak National Theatre & Opera

Moments. Life in metropolis is full of precious moments spent in the best company. Every day is enriched with experiences. Simply walk out in the morning to a street full of life. Meet friends. Head off to school, work, go shopping, enjoy cafes, or culture. Everywhere is within a short walk from metropolis. You save time and never miss out on the day’s precious moments.

Metropolis lokalita

Masterpiece. In terms of architecture, metropolis will rank among the gems of the new city panorama. The design comes from the renowned Prague architecture studio City Work Architects. The building’s M-shaped silhouette gives it iconic identity, inspired its name metropolis, and emphasises its modern and multifunctional nature. Above all, a masterpiece!

Metropolis lokalita
Metropolis lokalita

The project includes 1 retail premises ranging from 12 m² to 223 m²

The premises are ideal for cafes, clinic, shops, or services


Mall. The ground floor of the metropolis will house a world-class commercial zone and retail mall offering a varied range of goods, services, cafes and restaurants opening onto the street. Head off into the streets, experience life, yet stay close to home. Enjoy strolls and shopping in your future Mall.

historic city centre Nivy New downtown Bratislava 15 min. 10 min. Bratislava castle Main station Medical garden Historic building of the SND Slovak National Gallery Theatre Aréna Janka Kráľa garden Cycling dam Vienna embankment Tyršovo SNP bridge Old bridge Apollo bridge
Shops and restaurants Nivy station Elementary School Košická Juraj Hronca grammar school Slovak National Theatre Panorama towers Winter harbor Eurovea Karadžičova Mlynské nivy Košická Lenderova
Shopping zone directly in the project Garage entrance Semi Private garden Playground A B Building A Building B

Excellent walking distance to the historic city centre, parks and the Danube promenade.

Metropolis lokalita

Minutes away. The city centre, culture, real Italian ice cream, specialties of Asian and world cuisine, as well as other delicacies on offer in the Old Town are easily reached on foot.

Invite your friends for a stroll around the Janko Kráľ Park. Admire the picturesque view of the Bratislava panorama from the Old Bridge. It is a mere 5000 swift steps away from Metropolis, and on hot summer days you will be rewarded with the shade of old trees in the park. Drink refreshments can be found on the boats anchored alongside the Tyrš Quay, gently rocking in the calm Danube waves. If your desire is to get lost in an oasis of peace on a busy day, direct your steps towards the Medical Gardens. Fifteen minutes of unhurried walk will bring you to an idyllic garden with a refreshing fountain, overflowing flower beds and tall trees.

In perfect symbiosis with the city.

Myriad of possibilities. No Milan needed for a shopping spree. The nearby Eurovea is well known for its latest offer of world fashion brands. Moreover, it has a wide range of cafes and experience restaurants with a beautiful view across the Danube. The surroundings of Metropolis grant a wide scale of sporting opportunities – fitness stations located on the green in front of Eurovea, and in the near future parks and gardens of the neighbouring zones are planned to offer an ever-widening choice of opportunities for sports, games and relaxation.

Metropolis lokalita
Metropolis lokalita

Life, work, and fun in the prestigious 21st-century quarter.

My place. The location on the crossroads of the streets Bottova – Chalupkova offers excellent bike and car accessibility. It is a five-minute walk to the Nivy bus station. The unique concept of the new station will add a multitude of sophisticated benefits to these location – an international bus terminal of an airport style, connecting you with your destinations, more than 250 retail outlets, a gastronomy zone as well as a traditional market, giving you the chance to buy a fresh bass fish in the morning and serve the best-restaurant-style family lunch later.