Tinted large-format glazing is used in the retail part of the project, giving the interiors a modern, elegant look. The large-format glazing will allow for sufficient light penetration and provide a view of the street and the outside world. The commercial zone of the project will thus create a pleasant working or shopping environment that will satisfy even the most demanding business owners and visitors. The uniform design of the advertising marking of the premises gives the pier the feel of premium premises and elegance. Great attention is paid to sufficient shading to prevent overheating of windows and premises, especially in summer months.


The Downtown is growing into a prestigious residential-administrative centre with impressive architecture and innovation. Its character and design is unique in the whole of Central Europe. Once all the planned projects have been completed, more than 4 000 apartments will have been built here over the next few years, representing huge potential for business development and prosperity. Population growth in the immediate vicinity of the project. The state-of-the-art district in Central Europe. The highest concentration of population with the highest purchasing power in Slovakia.


Total number of inhabitants: 55 161
Total number of inhabitants: Age 0 - 14 9 119 (16 %)
Total number of inhabitants: Age 15 - 59 31 246 (57 %)
Total number of inhabitants: Age 60+ 14 796 (27 %)
Purchasing power: Per capital 14 054 €
Purchasing power: Index 133 %


In close proximity there are 7 public transport stops (6 – 8 minute walk). The stops are served by bus and trolleybus lines. Stop names : Cvernovka, Košická, Prístavná, Apollo Bridge, Landererova, Čulenova provide all together 34 lines plus Bus station with regional and international bus lines. The competitive advantage of Metropolis retail premises lies in their accessibility by car directly in front of the outlet. It allows for comfortable accessibility, convenient parking, and possibility of larger purchases.