Viete, ako spoznať kvalitnú novostavbu a ísť pri kúpe na istotu?
Finding quality and certainty in Bratislava’s new-build market
The key to making a sound decision comes down to appreciating the quality of the apartment – the craftsmanship, materials, and technology that will preserve and raise the property’s value over time. Q...
V Bratislave vyrastá projekt budúcnosti. Oslovuje kupujúcich s víziou, ktorí si uvedomujú zmysel zásadných hodnôt. Tými sú zdravie a čas
Bratislava has a project of the future rising in its midst. Buyers aware of importance of core values like health and time are attracted to its vision.
A project you cannot overlook in Bratislava. Two iconic towers have been built close to the centre, bringing, in addition to high standards in the materials used, state-of-the-art technology seldom se...
Mint Investments: Rezidenčný projekt Metropolis urobí z bývania zážitok
Mint Investments: Discover the Future of Living at Metropolis
Metropolis has been progressively growing. What milestone in its construction has recently been reached? Metropolis’s shell has been completed, all waterproofing and windows have been fitted. The proj...
Najdrahšia novostavba v Bratislave ponúka top technológie: Za koľko v nej kúpite byt?
Bratislava’s most expensive new-build boasts cutting-edge technology. How much does an apartment there cost?
Two thirds soldOf the 292 apartments on offer, 65% have already found their new owners, with the priciest one selling for around €1.7 million. Sales commenced in November 2020.
Keď sa rast cien vráti, bude ešte vyšší, ako ľudia očakávajú, hovorí developer Metropolisu
When price growth returns, it will surpass expectations, says Metropolis developer
In the world of comics, “Metropolis” is the city that is home to Superman, his allies, and his enemies. Today it takes on a new meaning – a landmark residential project in Bratislava. In the Downtown...
Metropolis sa blíži k dokončeniu
Metropolis is nearing completion
The Metropolis towers create an iconic M-shape on the Bratislava Downtown skyline. Its developer, Mint Investments, has now completed the rough-in construction and all waterproofing and windows, thus...
Nová prémiovka v downtowne: Investor zvyšoval cenu. O záujemcov neprišiel
New premium building in the Downtown: Investor has raised the price. Buyers still interested
Bratislava’s Downtown began to gradually emerge as a cradle of premium projects around 2010. Projects such as Sky Park, Panorama Towers and Tower 115 were built on the site of a former industrial zone...
Mint Investments: Stavbu budúcnosti si môžu rezidenti užiť už dnes
Mint Investments: Living in the future today
What makes Bratislava attractive for a Czech investor such as Mint Investments? Aren’t there already too many players in the market? Bratislava is attractive because it provides space for new construc...
Kúpou bytu v Metropolise si kupujete aj nový životný štýl
With buying an apartment in Metropolis you are buying into a new lifestyle
Modern people today want to live and stay healthy. How can Metropolis meet this requirement? Juraj: Healthy living brings to mind a healthier lifestyle. People who live in the city centre don’t driv...
Výstavba Metropolisu napreduje, v downtowne sa už týči jeho ikonické písmeno M 
Construction of Metropolis is advancing, its iconic M-shape already towers over the downtown 
The Metropolis residential project by Mint Investments brings a total of 292 premium apartments to the market, of which more than 65% have already been sold. On top of interesting architecture, the lu...