Odborníčka na nehnuteľnosti radí: Pri kúpe bytu nebuďte skromní
Advice from a real estate expert: Don’t skimp when buying an apartment
Currently, downtown Bratislava boasts some of the most desirable properties in the Slovak real estate market. Metropolis has not only met this bar, it has surpassed it. Its residential part is already...
Mint Investments: Rezidenčný projekt Metropolis urobí z bývania zážitok
Mint Investments: Discover the Future of Living at Metropolis
Metropolis has been progressively growing. What milestone in its construction has recently been reached? Metropolis’s shell has been completed, all waterproofing and windows have been fitted. The proj...
Najdrahšia novostavba v Bratislave ponúka top technológie: Za koľko v nej kúpite byt?
Bratislava’s most expensive new-build boasts cutting-edge technology. How much does an apartment there cost?
Two thirds soldOf the 292 apartments on offer, 65% have already found their new owners, with the priciest one selling for around €1.7 million. Sales commenced in November 2020.
Keď sa rast cien vráti, bude ešte vyšší, ako ľudia očakávajú, hovorí developer Metropolisu
When price growth returns, it will surpass expectations, says Metropolis developer
In the world of comics, “Metropolis” is the city that is home to Superman, his allies, and his enemies. Today it takes on a new meaning – a landmark residential project in Bratislava. In the Downtown...
Mint Investments: Stavbu budúcnosti si môžu rezidenti užiť už dnes
Mint Investments: Living in the future today
What makes Bratislava attractive for a Czech investor such as Mint Investments? Aren’t there already too many players in the market? Bratislava is attractive because it provides space for new construc...
Inovácie v Metropolise prinášajú harmóniu medzi komfortom a energeticky šetrnou prevádzkou budovy
Innovations in Metropolis will bring balance in comfort and energy-efficient building operation
What does the Metropolis project mean for you and what is your role in it? I am working on the project as the investor’s project manager, and my role is to manage the individual tasks in the preparat...
Sebastien Dejanovski: Udržateľnosť je schopnosť robiť biznis tak, aby dlhodobo prinášal prospech všetkým zúčastneným
Sebastien Dejanovski: Sustainability is the ability to do business so that it brings long-term benefits to all stakeholders
Mint Investments Group has successful track record stretching back over 20 years in asset management, property management and development. It has implemented a number of successful development project...
V tomto roku budú pri kúpe bytov bodovať lokalita a kvalita. Predaje v Metropolise to potvrdzujú
Apartment buying this year will be dominated by location and quality, as confirmed by the sales in Metropolis
What were the lessons you learnt last year? The year 2022 was refreshing for us in many ways. We realised that we couldn’t rely on anything while at the same time we didn’t know what the future had in...
Investičný riaditeľ Mint Investments pre HN: Najluxusnejšie byty v Metropolise sú porovnateľné s cenami v Eurovea 2
Investment director of Mint Investments for HN: The most luxurious Metropolis apartments are comparable to prices in Eurovea 2
How is the Metropolis project progressing? The project is progressing according to plan. Today we are between the eighth and ninth floors above ground, with one floor being concreted about every three...
„Bratislavský Manhattan“ bude štvrťou, akú sme si tu donedávna nevedeli ani predstaviť
“Bratislava’s Manhattan” will become a city quarter undreamt of
Why did you choose the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University? I like mathematics, economics as well as learning languages, and that’s why I chose a master’s degree in finance, financial...