What makes Bratislava attractive for a Czech investor such as Mint Investments? Aren’t there already too many players in the market?

Bratislava is attractive because it provides space for new construction right in the centre, something which is not possible in Prague, for example. The downtown, as it is now termed, is a locality that is truly one-of-a-kind in Central Europe. It is already clear that present and future developments there are captivating not just from an architectural perspective in terms of, but also the technology used. 

Why did you choose the name Metropolis? 

The plot of land we had to work with was not so large, meaning that we couldn’t create a towering structure that would overshadow its surroundings. The architect Juraj Sonlajtner faced the challenge of how to use the space and build on it not a tower but an icon. And that is how the M-shape arose and the name naturally followed, reflecting this dynamic urban project taking shape in the city centre. 

How would you describe the typical residents for this building? Who is this housing development most suitable for?

Our residents are people who understand that the only commodity you can’t buy is time. People who want to make the most of their time and are willing to pay for it, because that’s where their quality of life lies. Certainly, there will be rental tenants living here who will move to the downtown for work, as well as young families who will feel safe thanks to the well-thought-out pedestrian zones.

A number of residential projects are springing up in this location. How is Metropolis different? 

Metropolis’ added value lies in its location, architecture and also our technological solutions. Luxury here is not just about architecture, location, and technical parameters; it also includes sustainability that is clearly measurable. Years ago, we designed this project in the style used for buildings today. Back then, we were looking to the future. You won’t find this in other projects that are being completed today. 
Luxury here is not just about architecture, location, and technical parameters; it also includes sustainability that is clearly measurable.
Sebastien Dejanovski

It is a technologically advanced building offering many benefits. What exactly can the residents of Metropolis look forward to? 

Before finalising the design and commencing construction, we decided to raise the technical standard yet another level. Our philosophy is to give the client what they are paying for, and we wanted to offer them a truly luxurious design with all the amenities. For example, heating and cooling elements are designed so as to not restrict the aesthetic and practical use of the interior, with heating and cooling regulated throughout the year according to the resident’s needs. We provide smart solutions with top systems that are virtually silent. These technologies, while not cheap, deliver superior comfort and reduce costs, facilitating management of the entire building. 

In designing the building, you also thought to provide sufficient green areas. How do you integrate greenery into a residential building in the centre of a city? 

Greenery exudes a sense of luxury to the centre of any cosmopolitan city. In Bratislava’s downtown the green areas are well planned. The spaces are connected, but there will be a residents-only section on our property, where they will find greenery placed alongside art, enhancing their aesthetic living experience.

What can Metropolis residents find nearby? 

This locality allows you to enjoy everything that Bratislava has to offer. There’s nature, the city’s commercial centre. Everything is within easy reach; no need to drive anywhere. Naturally, we have also considered parking needs; the building has an underground garage with charging stations for electric vehicles.

This project won you the prestigious CIJ Awards as the Best Residential Project under Construction in Slovakia. What do you think swayed the expert panel? 

The panel appreciated that the project is not just about the facade, but about all the aspects the project incorporates, and that Metropolis is a modern project in line with current trends. It is economically and technically sustainable and commercially successful with more than two thirds of the apartments having already been sold.

How is work on the project progressing? 

We are pleased that even the crisis connected with the war in Ukraine has not delayed the planned completion of the construction, even though it has affected us, of course. We have a very good supplier, TAKENAKA, who are true professionals. The head of the company, an octogenarian heir of the founders, even came to see the construction in person, as the project with all these attributes is unique in the world.

What are your next development plans in Bratislava? 

We currently have about a thousand apartments in various stages of construction, and we are seeking further opportunities in Bratislava and Prague. A new feature is our residential fund where people can buy investment shares. The residential market holds great appreciation potential, and that’s one of the sectors in which we intend to concentrate our investment efforts.