Currently, downtown Bratislava boasts some of the most desirable properties in the Slovak real estate market. Metropolis has not only met this bar, it has surpassed it. Its residential part is already more than two-thirds sold, and the commercial spaces have attracted great interest in just the short time they have been on the market. What do you see as the success in selling them? 

Spanning two storeys, Metropolis offers a commercial pier with an area of over 1300 m2 designed to accommodate sixteen high-end commercial units. The floor spaces range from 11 to 222 m2 and can be one- or two-storey, with some combined configurations also possible. This flexibility is highly appealing to clients and is perfect for a range of uses such as upmarket clinics, medical centres, cafes, studios, gourmet shops, or representative offices.

We also took great care with the architecture. The commercial units feature tinted, large-format glazing that not only enhances the modern elegance of the spaces but also maximizes natural light. All units share a cohesive design aesthetic and enjoy access to a semi-private garden, creating a pleasant environment. A significant competitive advantage also lies in the car access directly in front of the store.

However, the primary driver of our sales success is undoubtedly the location. Bratislava’s downtown area is currently home to tens of thousands of square meters of office space, with over four thousand residential units set to be constructed in the coming years. This area is the epicentre of the highest purchasing power in Slovakia, promising substantial business growth and prosperity.

What do you think is the most important thing that distinguishes Metropolis from competing projects?

When you are buying an apartment in Metropolis, you’re essentially buying a new lifestyle. We take a holistic approach – to architecture, quality of materials, comfort of living, but also on the ecology and economy of operation, low operating costs. From the outset, the building was designed to achieve the highest levels of energy savings, certified at A0—unprecedented among residential buildings in Slovakia. This leads to substantial monthly savings in operational costs.

Looking at it piece by piece

The cutting-edge ceiling heating and cooling system, provided by the esteemed German manufacturer Rehau, operates on a radiant heating/cooling principle. This system is not only natural and health-friendly but also ecological and economical. Unlike traditional air conditioning or fan coils, there is no risk of catching a cold from draughts. No dust is stirred up and there is no need to clean the system of bacteria like an air conditioner. The operation is low-maintenance, and much more energy-efficient than conventional air conditioning. It also saves space, as you won’t find radiators, fan coils or convectors in the apartments, meaning a more efficient apartment layout.

How have you solved the ventilation system? Today, heat recovery, so-called controlled ventilation, is popular and is often sought after, especially in new buildings.

The ventilation system features an intelligent, autonomously controlled heat recovery system from the premium German brand Wolf. Each apartment is equipped with an individually controlled heat recovery unit that is extremely quiet, low maintenance, automatically monitors CO₂ and consumes minimal energy.

Both ceiling heating and cooling and heat recovery are very easy to operate. Each apartment and each room has its own hardware control display and clients can control the technology remotely using a mobile app, including setting time programmes. Smart controls allow you to set the ideal temperature or air exchange for each room individually, which has a positive effect on thermal comfort. This minimises the risk of overheating or excessive humidity in apartments and prevents the formation of micro-moulds. All these factors also have a positive effect on sleep quality, as it is better to sleep in an apartment that maintains an optimal temperature and has fresh air flowing through it.

What exterior features, building appearance or other interesting details attract clients?

The facade is ventilated, and is thus a form of external insulation for the building. It does not overheat in the summer, does not cool down in the winter, and at the same time allows moisture to be thoroughly removed from the structure. Heat leakage is reduced and the inside of the building has a pleasant climate all year round.

In all apartments, shading will be provided by exterior aluminium blinds, which will be controlled electronically by remote control from each room. The external shading regulates the sunlight penetration and minimises overheating of the interior in the hot summer months, so there is no need for extreme cooling.

Will your clients find anything else non-standard in Metropolis that is perhaps not so common in other new buildings? 

There will be delivery boxes, allowing the safe storage of parcels and packages. The huge advantage of these is that the courier will open your mailbox and can leave there the parcel, purchase or food you have ordered. Such storage spaces most definitely increase convenience, save time and stress, and you don't have to rush from work to find a courier. 

Which gadgets do you personally like the most about Metropolis? As an allergy sufferer, I am a big fan of modern air filtration technology. In Metropolis we have installed high-efficiency heat recovery units that take care of air exchange throughout the apartment. Superior top-level filters with filtration efficiencies of up to 94% trap allergens such as pollen, dust, particulate matter, as well as bacteria and viruses. For allergy sufferers, this really is a huge relief. As a native Old Town resident and recreational sportswoman, I also appreciate the central urban location with ideal access to the Bratislava embankment and the Danube.