Give your clients a feeling of excellence 

Downtown, with its creditworthy clientele and the most modern urban centre in Central Europe, is regarded as the premier address for business in Slovakia. This is mainly due to its central location in the modern part of Bratislava’s Old Town, close to the pedestrian zone and the Nivy bus station, and also due to the top-tier amenities already present. The developers of residential projects in the downtown want to build a full-fledged district here, able to provide for all the needs of its residents. 

The goal is that the people who will live and work here will find everything necessary for their daily lives within easy reach, enhancing convenience, reducing stress, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. 

Customer demand is assured 

Once all the planned projects are completed, more than 4 000 apartments will be built here over the next few years, which means that there will be a high demand, not only from future residents, but also from people commuting to the Downtown for work. This area is poised to become a thriving hub for business growth and prosperity, offering a vibrant place to work and live from morning till night. 

Metropolis' most prestigious project offers commercial space for just 16 outlets 

Metropolis stands as a beacon in the downtown, and brings not just housing, but a well designed shopping arcade sited right on the main promenade, making it an exceptional location to set up your own representative establishment. The entrance to the retail area will be directly from Bottova Street and the retail units will therefore attract the attention of passers-by. Convenient parking is available directly in front of the premises or in the nearby garage. 

There is already high interest in the sale of the lucrative units in Metropolis, but their number is limited – there will be only 16 units (one- or two-storey), which guarantees exclusivity and an intimate environment for the shop owners. All units have excellent practical floor areas from 11 sqm up to 222 sqm and are flexible, with the possibility of interconnection. The premises are ideal for a premium clinic, café, studio, beauty salon, gourmet food or law office. 

 “The recently officially launched sale of these commercial retail units in Metropolis was immediately met with tremendous interest. However, it is important to us that all our future partners in the project do well, and we have adapted our strategy, accordingly, selecting very sensitively from among the interested parties. We want to create an optimal mix of businesses here so that the units are not in competition with each other and that each establishment experiences its own success," says Katarína Lindbergh, founding partner of the development company Mint Investments, adding, "We know the future residents and their needs very well, and we want to bring them an offer that appeals to their lifestyle and also fits in with this premium metropolitan space that is being created in the downtown area.” 

A modern design space that will captivate 

The floor plan of the parterre will be a straight rectangular shape, so visitors will find it easy to navigate and appreciate. The interiors of the operational spaces will be created in line with the design of Metropolis and will have a modern, sleek look. Large, tinted glass surfaces will allow ample light to shine through and provide views of the lively street and outside world. High-quality external shading will contribute to maximum comfort and prevent overheating, especially in the summer months. This will create a pleasant shopping and working environment that will satisfy even the most demanding business owners and visitors. 

Build your Downtown success today 

The Metropolis project, with its commercial space, will welcome enthusiastic entrepreneurs who can come to this market with an interesting offer. This is an exceptional opportunity to build your own thriving business in one of Bratislava’s iconic downtown projects and join the exclusive community of the successful in Bratislava’s “Manhattan”. 

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Source: Nový č