Metropolis, developed by Mint Investments, not only captivates with its distinctive M-shaped structure but also sets the highest standards in housing and services, attracting discerning residents and business professionals alike.

The Downtown is the location with the highest concentration of residents with the highest purchasing power in the country. It is thus becoming Bratislava’s “billionaires row”, as Manhattan’s billionaire district is referred to. In the near future, Downtown will add roughly 4000 apartments, whose residents count on premium services in a variety of areas.

Exclusive services at the address of successful entrepreneurs

Within walking distance of Metropolis there is everything a modern person needs - the city centre, the Danube, promenades, cycle paths, shopping centres, office space, schools, kindergartens and parks. Yet the Downtown itself lacks something that Metropolis delivers: a premium shopping arcade.

An unparalleled opportunity for business

The arcade will feature 16 elegantly designed spaces (ranging from 11 m² to 222 m² and available in one or two-storey configurations), with options for interconnected units. This limited availability represents not just a business opportunity but an investment likely to appreciate in value alongside the Downtown’s growth.

High visibility, excellent accessibility

The shopping arcade will be located on the Downtown’s only main promenade. In the future, this street will continue to serve as the new Downtown’s main artery of modern Bratislava’s new centre. Metropolis will appeal to wealthier residents of the entire Downtown. The front of the premises is easily accessible by car, with direct entrance from Bottova Street, while parking is available directly in front of the premises or in the garage.

Unified aesthetic for retail units

Following the example of premium locations that use a unified visual identity, Metropolis will also employ a unified storefront and signage design in the retail space. Tinted large-format glazing will add an elegance to the interiors of the outlets and connect them with the street and the outside world. At the same time, they will retain their intimate character and cosiness. 

The premier address for business in Slovakia

The Downtown will form a catchment area with Bratislava’s most vibrant clientele. The most modern urban centre in Central Europe is emerging, with high demand for premium services. Metropolis provides an ideal space for the location of e.g. a law office, veterinary clinic, beauty salon, dermal clinic or dental clinic. The space is also suitable for dog salons, spas, gift shops, fitness services, eco-friendly dry cleaners, coworking spaces, children’s playrooms or gourmet food stores and studios. 

Metropolis is currently nearing completion and residents will begin taking possession of their apartments in the fall of 2024. We will soon find out what facilities and services Metropolis will provide to the Downtown.