A new definition of luxury

Metropolis in Bratislava’s new downtown epitomises modern living in the city’s emerging centre. Thanks to its prime location and state-of-the-art technology, it offers residents significant savings in time, money, and health, thereby setting new living standards.

“The intricate preparation and construction of a project like Metropolis takes years, so the developer must be a visionary in order to anticipate trends in the housing at the time when new owners will start moving in,” states Sebastien Dejanovski of Mint Investments, the project's developer. He adds, “Client feedback confirms our success in predicting these trends, as we have bet on sustainable technology and premium standards.” 

The parameters of luxury have shifted significantly over the past decade. We no longer see it solely in terms of superior amenities and quality materials, rather we increasingly focus on sustainability and the associated lower operating costs. People today recognise that energy will become a more costly and scarce resource. In response, the developer has carefully selected modern technologies which together guarantee energy savings of over 25% and enable Metropolis to meet the rigorous A0 energy certificate standards.

Premium yet intimate living

What does premium yet intimate living offer in one of the city’s most sought-after quarters? The state-of-the-art technological features include radiant ceiling heating and cooling, advanced heat recovery systems with top-tier filters, and external blinds on elegant French windows. The interiors boast all-wood parquet floors, magnetic doors, luxurious Italian large-format tiles, and top-quality German sanitary fittings.

Health-friendly living

At a time when allergies are on the rise and urban air is becoming critical, clean air is valued as never before. City dwellers have been willing to swap their city apartments for homes in the countryside to indulge in healthy air. But living is not for everyone.. Metropolis is a project for the absolute urban enthusiast. In no other new building in Bratislava is downtown will you find WOLF premium quality recuperation system. It has a built-in premium allergy-friendly filter that traps allergens, is extremely quiet, energy and maintenance efficient, and automatically guards and regulates the CO2 level in the apartment.

Full amenities and work-life balance to boot

One of the most precious commodities of a hurried age is time. People are no longer willing to spend so much time travelling for work. They are looking for housing that saves them time. They are attracted to locations that are close to everything they need during the week, whether an office, a shopping mall, a school, a nursery, or a fitness centre. They don't want to spend hours in traffic every day anymore.

The adjacent neighbourhoods as well as Downtown itself offer everything within walking distance to cover the demanding needs of the modern city dweller. It has its own shopping arcade as well as parking spaces in underground garages. The promenade by the Danube as well as the green inner block of Metropolis provide ample opportunities for sports, coffee breaks, or relaxing in the garden.

The only project in Downtown with green terraces and garden

Metropolis won't just be a place to sleep. With the time saved, apartment owners will be able to truly enjoy their home to the full. The three-bedroom apartments offer an additional benefit that no other project in this part of the city offers - a view of the vibrant city from green terraces.

Despite being an ultra-modern urban project, it’s easy to forget you’re in a bustling city centre in Metropolis. Architect Juraj Sonlajtner was inspired by the architecture of London and Paris residences. He paid exceptional attention to the adjacent surroundings of the building. Thanks to this, an unconventional semi-private garden with romantic corners, ideal for relaxation after a busy day, will be created in the modern centre of Bratislava.

The developer really has thought of everything

The adjacent greenery in the bustling centre provides plenty of fresh air and light, which shines through the elegant French windows. Adequate daylight is an essential part of healthy living and biorhythm. Modern technology and quality materials guarantee thermal and acoustic comfort in the apartments. The suspended ventilated facade ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round and guarantees optimum humidity stability of the structure and the interior. The ventilated facade will also ensure that the building does not overheat in hot weather and, together with high-quality windows, will create perfect acoustic insulation.

Sebastien Dejanovski of Mint Investments remarks, “Metropolis appeals particularly to forward-thinking individuals who recognize the significance of the technology invested in the project. They understand that this project is ahead of its time and will increase in value as it ages.”

Source: Aktuality.sk