The name of the project was inspired by the first science fiction film from 1927, where Metropolis is portrayed as a futuristic city. The Bratislava Downtown residential project captures this essence perfectly, embodying real future housing. Sebastien Dejanovski, co-founder and partner at Mint Investments, describes it as a sci-fi project. Future residents will live in apartments possessing a combination of technical amenities unmatched by any other Downtown development. Their generous and modern approach has now set the bar really high and is changing the way we view housing in Bratislava.

The latest technologies come as standard in every apartment. All apartments from the smallest units to the penthouse have ceiling heating and cooling. Roughly 50 km of pipes run through the ceilings. In summer, cold water will cool the interior and in winter, hot water will heat it. This technology guarantees long-lasting trouble-free operation. In addition, it offers high comfort of heat regulation, without the unhealthy blowing of cold air in summer and drying of air in winter. 

The technology used will save future residents up to 25% on operating costs, a significant benefit in the face of rising energy prices. External shading on the windows complements the ceiling temperature control, preventing the interior from heating up. This is also a unique feature in this location. Heat recovery in Metropolis is one of the best systems of today and is equipped with filters that capture up to 94% of all allergens and pollens as well as fumes from the exterior. As both the number of allergy sufferers and air pollution levels rise, forcing many people to move out of the city to rural areas. Yet the Metropolis recuperation system will provide unparalleled clean air comfort right in the downtown area.

Metropolis is the only project in Downtown to offer all these modern technologies, and the only one to offer them as standard in all apartments. Metropolis brings the luxury of energy conservation, the luxury of healthy air, the luxury of downtown living with all the benefits that its full infrastructure offers. You can walk to coffee with friends, to culture, to the mall for shopping, get on a bike or take a walk into the historic centre.

The architecture of Metropolis shines both outward and inward. All apartments are planned in such a way that their area is used as efficiently as possible. The practical and well-thought-out layout of each apartment in Metropolis is in line with current requirements for family living or for investment properties, depending on the type of apartment. 

At Metropolis, every last detail has been thought through and the project has been planned with exceptional sensitivity. It is a place in the city of the future with avant-garde urbanism. Cyclists will coexist with pedestrians on the promenades, cars with underground parking with people relaxing on a park bench. In addition to its own shopping arcade, there are other shopping centres, offices, a bus station and the Danube riverfront nearby.

“We have spared no expense on this project. We built it as consistently as if we were building it for ourselves,” reveals Sebastien Dejanovski of Mint Investments, adding. “It’s our biggest hobby and we put all our emotions into it. At the same time, we feel obliged by our professional responsibility and want to create buildings that will be here and functioning for at least a hundred years. That’s very important to us.” 

Source: Bratislavské noviny