After the Tuesday's finding of unexploded ammunition by permanent pyrotechnic supervision at the Metropolis construction site, excavation works continue. Bratislava's downtown has once again become a bit safer.

While the report on the finding of unexploded ammunition at the construction site at Mlynské nivy surprised Bratislava on Tuesday morning, the developer and construction workers had been aware of the possibility of such finding. That was the reason why pyrotechnic supervision was in place since the beginning of excavation works within the Metropolis project. Three authorized pyrotechnicians will be present at the construction site continuously, until the construction pit is excavated and secured.

"Since the beginning of the works on the project, we are cooperating with an expert pyrotechnic company that carried out a pyrotechnic survey. They have also developed precise procedures of action in the case of ammunition finding. Thanks to a well-prepared crisis plan, we were able to secure the place immediately after the finding and report the facts to the Slovak Police. In coordination with the police, the construction site was quickly emptied and, for preventive reasons, the area around the building was also evacuated," said Sebastien Dejanovski of Mint Investments, which develops the Metropolis project.

Due to the location with its history of bombing, the developer Mint Investments decided for permanent pyrotechnic supervision on the construction site. This option is more demanding and more expensive than the implementation of the survey without such option, but it is also more consistent and safer. The on-site surveillance carries out the survey with a magnetometer and only after a negative finding; they give permission to excavate with an excavator or other heavy equipment. Of course, no technology is 100%, especially in the area where the former Apollo refinery stood and there are still reinforced concrete structures in the ground that can skew the results. That is why the developer insists on the continuous presence of experts.

Works on the construction site were interrupted from the moment of the finding of the ammunition to its safe transfer and subsequent disposal outside the Mlynské nivy site, which was approximately between 8.00 AM and 2.30 PM. Especially thanks to the developer's preparedness, as well as the professional and highly responsible approach of the pyrotechnic supervision in coordination with the Police of the Slovak Republic, the whole day went without complications and this finding will not have any impact on the work schedule.


The finding of the ammunition made Bratislava downtown safer

The ammunition found was identified as an AN-M57 250 lb U.S.ARMY Air Force air bomb. In addition to it, a Russian artillery shell was found on the construction site some time ago, but according to the called in pyrotechnician of the state police, it did not pose any serious threat. The unexploded ammunition was taken away and disposed of, while the construction works were suspended only temporarily.

The Metropolis project is undergoing preparatory works and coordination of excavations, which will take place by September this year. The pit will reach the depth of 7 meters below the ground level. Consisting of two towers, the multifunctional building will stand on the corner of the Bottova - Chalupkova intersection.