Interested Parties are Carefully Selected

The project also wants to maintain its high standard in terms of commercial premises. They are part of the main promenade that will lead through downtown. They therefore represent the best that can be found in this area for entrepreneurs. There will be few operations, so the responsibility of the developer is all the greater.

”If we wanted to, we could have already sold most of the establishments. But we decided otherwise. It is a really lucrative place, the artery of Bratislava's downtown. We evaluate each offer very carefully and consistently, from different points of view,“ explains Sebastien Dejanovski, co-founder of the development company MINT, which is behind the Metropolis project.

No Two Establishments in Metropolis will be the Same

They are interested in the history of the applicant or his experience with business in the given area. They want to avoid the fact that operations change frequently. They naturally also consider the subject of the activity. Currently, it is already certain that there will be a pastry shop with a cafe, a hairdresser and a nail studio in Metropolis.

At the same time, the developer decided to limit the same types of operations in Metropolis. Thus, he will not sell space to, for example, three cafes or hair salons. ”We want to support "our" clients in making their operations successful. At the same time, we are concerned with the diversity of services for the residents of Metropolis and the surrounding area.“

Spaces that are also an Investment

Metropolis offers a total of only 16 commercial spaces, so it can afford such a strategy. These spaces range in size from 50 m² to 222 m² and can be interconnected according to the needs of future owners. The price of commercial and office space starts at 3,930 euros per square meter without VAT.

Thanks to their location, they are not only a place for business, but also a good investment for the future. The boulevard will be the center of Bratislava's downtown even after the completion of all other projects in the vicinity. The new center of Bratislava is the part with the highest purchasing power of the inhabitants.

Uniform Design and Convenient Parking

”It goes without saying that we emphasize design. Shop-windows and markings of establishments will be uniform. Tinted large-format glazing is elegant, and at the same time, thanks to them, the interior maintains a cozy atmosphere. That's exactly what we wanted,“ explains the developer.

Parking is also an advantage. Business owners can secure places for their clients in the immediate vicinity.

A Beauty Salon or a Law Office is Suitable for Metropolis

According to Sebastien Dejanovský, there is a broad answer to the question of what other establishments would fit into the Metropolis concept. He wants them to be successful in the long term and bring added value to the neighborhood.

”We can imagine a legal or other office, a beauty clinic, massages, a gourmet food store, or other businesses that will bring top products or services to the location.“

More than 4,000 apartments will be built in the immediate vicinity and, according to the developer, it will be beneficial for their residents to have these services within walking distance. ”All the more so because downtown is a very well-maintained environment and a walk through it is a pleasant way to relax and diversify the day.“

Commercial premises are intended primarily for sales. If the interested party does not have enough funds, the sales team of Metropolis also helps in specific cases in pairing with an investment client.