The trend is green development

Compared to past developments, modern development projects now feature, an ever-increasing emphasis on green areas, which are becoming part of the projects. On top of the pleasing appearance of the apartment building and the entire street from the green roofs, parks, or front gardens, they significantly boost the city’s biodiversity by creating homes for local living organisms.. The growing plants, flowers, trees, or grass will help absorb carbon from the environment, helping to protect the local climate. An important element here is the soil, which absorbs rainwater and helps to cool the hot air in summer. Another contributing factor to this effect are the trees and plants effectively capturing the sun’s rays. All in all, the greener the city is, the more resistant it is to higher temperatures.


Metropolis – the only project with front gardens in the downtown

The Metropolis project strives to bring as much nature  as possible into the very heart of the city and increase its green lungs. For this reason the front gardens have became part of the project – the only one in the downtown. They will find a broad range of uses; some residents will use them for home growing herbs or small vegetables. Ideally they will plant there such plants that attract pollinators, for instance catnip, wild marjoram, or geraniums, which beautify the appearance of the front garden in the design raised pots. The owners will appreciate a piece of their own land in the city centre most during a hot summer, when thanks to their front garden they will be able to get fresher air.