Metropolis is an Architectural kiss of life on the face of the City

Bratislava's downtown is taking shape as a modern neighborhood that enables healthy, efficient, and ecological life. Although many compare it to the Slovak ”Manhattan“, it does not pretend to be a busy American place – rather, it retains European elegance and style.

Architects and developers of residential buildings in Bratislava's new center focus mainly on the experience of residence and living in the city. Being the most distinctive design in this location, the Metropolis Project is the best version of the combination of architecture and experience.

It gained sympathy and interest not only from buyers, but also from the public, who welcomed the architectural M as a spectacular photogenic acquisition to the city's panorama.

”Personally, if I lived in Bratislava, I would want to live in that super-modern area. Downtown has a different charge, there is a dynamic and inspiring environment,“ confesses Sebastien Dejanovski, developer of the Metropolis Project.


Thanks to the Most Modern Technologies, Metropolis Brings Joy and Well-Being

What housing innovations can be expected in Metropolis? In the project they are represented by top technologies of recuperation, ceiling cooling and heating, the effectiveness of which has been verified from use in large European metropolises. They create an extremely healthy environment in the interiors of apartments, while meeting the highest criteria of sustainability, as well as high energy savings.

For perfect comfort, intelligent regulation enables setting an individual temperature in each room. The recuperation system of the WOLF brand belongs to the best ones in its segment.

Thanks to it, the air in the rooms is continuously exchanged and cleaned, thus guaranteeing a constant supply of fresh air even without ventilation. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-allergic filter that captures allergens such as various pollens, dust, waste particles and even bacteria and viruses.

”A modern house should offer technologies that make life easier for its residents. People are increasingly demanding smart and simple things. They value their time much more than they used to. This should also be reflected in housing, so that the functions and services of the house or apartment save time for residents. Modern housing should also be easy to maintain and should bring people joy,“ emphasizes Juraj Sonlajtner, architect of the Metropolis project.


A project that can Afford Luxury in the Form of Classic Materials

Nowadays, having residential partitions made of fired brick is considered a luxury even in the world's largest metropolises. An apartment that is built in this way breathes in a completely different way, is ventilated in a different way and adapts thermally to the demands of the residents.

At the same time, fired brick has a better soundproofing function. It also increases the comfort of living by reducing the audibility of sounds from the corridor or neighboring rooms in the apartment. Residents can thus enjoy the joys of everyday life without restricting lives of their neighbors through music or otherwise.


Unique Front Gardens and a Small Park Modeled after European Metropolises

The project includes an own green small park in the back part of the building. Designers were inspired by the private gardens of Parisian or London inner blocks.

Several apartments with front gardens will also have a luxurious view of this green part of the house. Being unique in the downtown, they will be the pride of Metropolis. On the visualizations, it is possible to see that greenery is the aesthetic motif of the entire project. It is spread through terraces up to the roof.


Delicious Coffee on a Nice Boulevard and Relaxed Life in the City – like from a Good Movie

The first two floors are reserved for commercial operations, which will offer an interesting assortment and services. Residents of Metropolis will have close at hand everything they need for their daily life – a medical center, gourmet food, beauty services and a cafe.

Having an apartment with a terrace above a cafe with a view of a lively street is a dream of many people. It reminds of joyful scenes from world-famous movies. Metropolis meets exactly this idea of comfortable and modern living in the center of a vibrant city.