Housing in the Bratislava centre can rightly be called urban housing. It offers all amenities within walking distance, from schools and kindergartens, through municipal offices, shopping and entertainment to easy access to sports facilities, public transport and health care. This address holds and will always hold the premises of the largest and best employers. Everyone will always come here for coffee or lunch, whether they work, live here or come to Bratislava for a weekend break. Transport accessibility, numerous parking options and a wide range of services – these will be the biggest magnets of this location. City lifestyle – will be the style of living in this location.




The level of architecture and materials used naturally follows the high demands of those interested in living in the city centre. Housing is designed on efficient floor plans with sufficient storage space, linking the living part of the apartment with its exterior. The project offers not only housing for young people, but also for couples or families.

Public spaces are designed to their maximum potential in a pedestrian friendly manner. All cars of residents are parked in the garage, making the vicinity of the project practically free of car traffic. The green spaces incorporated within the project copy the outline of other similar areas of neighbouring projects. Together, they will create one homogenous zone of safety and relaxation.

METROPOLIS also brings a high standard in the apartment equipment and furnishings. The project takes account of the requirement for technological amenities, which should bring the comfort of housing with the least possible impact on the environment. Each unit therefore comes with ceiling heating, ceiling cooling, air recuperation and exterior shading. Wooden floors, large-format tiles and brand sanitary ware are the basis for sustainable quality.


The new Bratislava downtown is gradually growing with new projects and their popularity is evidenced by rising housing prices in this location and in new projects. The renovation of the Mlynské Nivy site in the form of a new bus station, a planned shopping centre, progressively completed or started projects indicate that the investment in housing will not only retain its value, but its price will certainly grow over time.