The key to making a sound decision comes down to appreciating the quality of the apartment – the craftsmanship, materials, and technology that will preserve and raise the property’s value over time. Quality means fewer repairs, less maintenance, and lower operating costs.

If you are considering purchasing an apartment in Bratislava, identifying the quality of individual projects can be time-consuming and challenging. We’ve simplified this process for you by identifying a clear winner – Metropolis.

Besides being located in the epicentre of Bratislava’s Downtown, just a stone’s throw from the main shopping centres, stations and the city centre, there are some other specific reasons why it has become the number one choice in Bratislava for us.

An utterly different look at technology

Unlike conventional apartments of the surrounding competition, Metropolis is heated and cooled from the ceiling. The unique REHAU ceiling heating system first heats up (or cools down in summer) the ceiling, which then warms up the surrounding space. Simply said, no ugly radiators, air conditioning units or constant draughts.

The warm air of Metropolis apartments gradually sinks down and warms other walls or objects, preventing large temperature fluctuations while saving energy. In this regard, Metropolis generally outperforms its competition and provides new owners with cost savings of up to 30% off regular monthly energy-related costs .

Moreover, you can control the entire heating, cooling, ventilation, and air-conditioning system via an in-apartment display or a mobile app. This can also be used to control ventilation and air-conditioning, represented in Metropolis by the first-class recuperation system from WOLF, an exclusive feature unseen in any other new building in Bratislava’s Downtown. The system has a built-in premium allergy-friendly filter that removes allergens, is virtually silent, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance, and automatically monitors and regulates the CO2 levels in your home.

Windows made for Bratislava

When buying an apartment in the downtown of our capital city, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the windows, among other things. In this regard, Metropolis stands out with its attention to detail and commitment to sustainability. The apartments feature specially designed, triple-glazed French windows that extend to the floor, offering energy efficiency in heating and cooling. Made from 75% recycled aluminium, these windows are not only environmentally friendly but also easy to operate.

And speaking of windows, unlike most of the competitors, the apartments in Metropolis are also equipped with external shading – smart blinds from Climax/Somfy, controllable directly from the apartment or remotely via a mobile app.

High floor-to-ceiling standards

It is best to start from the ground up – not only in the building process, but often times when buying an apartment. In this regard, Metropolis offers a solution ranking among the best, not just in Bratislava. All-wood floors from the Slovenian Floor Experts have as many as three layers, thanks to which they can withstand any moving of heavy furniture or residents’ “traffic”.

The doors in Metropolis are also world-class, from the renowned German firm Hormann, a mark of quality offering the option of magnetic lock installation, and apartments in Metropolis are equipped with Hormann doors with increased class 3 security with metal construction and perfect soundproofing.

Value in details

The value of an apartment often lies in the finer details, as it is the honesty and quality of the execution of housing elements that are tested most over time. In this regard, too, Metropolis is a steadfast work standing for a safe investment for the future.

Wall and floor tiles come from exclusive Italian manufacturers Italgraniti and Florim-Cerim, sanitaryware from Duravit, Hansgrohe and Huppe, and boiler rooms or metering and regulation systems are from the Siemens workshop.

Navigating your way through new property offerings can be challenging. By focusing on one parameter, you may miss many others along the way. By considering the multitude of quality indicators that Metropolis offers, you’ll realize the exceptional value it presents. A project of this calibre is rare and deserves your attention, and a project of similar quality may not turn up on the market again any time soon.

If you are not convinced by the quality of the newbuild, we will throw in one more quality dimension – the developer itself. Metropolis is a creation of the Mint Investments Group, a leading real estate investor in Central and Eastern Europe. For more than 20 years’ experience and more than €1 billion worth of properties under management. Mint Investments, comprising five partners experienced in real estate in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and abroad, has a proven track record in both commercial and residential projects.

Source: SME.SK