Behind the success of the tender are the professionalism of the team and the proposed solutions of the supplier

Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments said about the selection of the general contractor: "We are very much looking forward to Metropolis and we care that it is made with quality and on time. In the final round of the tender, we decided between three bidders. Takenaka came up with a project that differed from the others mainly by offering alternative solutions. That means, in Takenaka they studied our documentation in detail and proposed more effective alternatives for certain items, which were of the same quality, but less costly or time consuming. The total price was also decisive for the result of the tender. We value the newly established partnership between Mint Investments and Takenaka and we are convinced that Japanese construction know-how and renowned Japanese precision will contribute to the uniqueness of the Metropolis project,” adds Dejanovski.


The motivation for participating in the tender was the reputation of the developer and the uniqueness of the project

For question, what was the motivation for Takenaka to apply for the tender for the construction of the Metropolis residential project in the Bratislava downtown, Takenaka CEO Petr Urválek answers: “Takenaka's motivation for new strategy in Europe, namely the expansion of construction segments, in which we operate, for residential construction. Takenaka is the largest residential builder in Japan, and we have not yet developed this segment in Europe. As for the project itself, there were several motivations to fight for Metropolis - the stability and reputation of the developer Mint Investments, the attractive location in the center of Bratislava and the size of the project. Metropolis is exceptional in its architecture and offers some unique solutions, such as ceiling cooling of apartments."


Takenaka's philosophy is to build buildings for future generations

With more than 400 years of tradition, Takenaka is one of the oldest architectural, engineering and construction companies in Japan. Takenaka is a first-class expert in the field of construction and engineering services and achieves excellent results thanks to the innovation of construction processes.

"Our philosophy is to build buildings that will be able to serve to the future generations. We want to leave an honest and quality work. Finally, this is also the motto of our company. Takenaka is based on the high standards that are typically associated with Japanese culture. For example, decency, diligence, discipline, fulfilling obligations to our clients, partners, and suppliers," says Petr Urválek.


About Takenaka and Takenaka Europe GmbH

The mother company Takenaka Corporation, based in Tokyo and Osaka, is a proud family business with a tradition of 17 generations. It is one of the "top 5" construction companies in Japan. With its Japanese roots, Takenaka Europe GmbH is unique in the European market for construction and engineering services. In their business, they always benefit from traditional Japanese values. Thanks to its ability to think and act sustainably, to be an adaptable and reliable partner, Takenaka is a benefit to construction in Europe, where it has been active since 1973 and will soon celebrate 50 years in Europe. It currently operates in 13 European countries.

Last but not least, Takenaka, as one of the few construction companies which owns and operates its research and development center. It employs several hundred engineers on new construction methods. Whether it is research and development of high-rise buildings, protection of buildings against earthquakes, development of green facades, high-strength materials, or digitization in construction.


Takenaka in Slovakia

The Japanese Takenaka has been operating on the Slovak market since 2000. It originally focused on industrial construction. Therefore, most references in Slovakia come from this segment. These include the KIA Motors Slovakia plant in Žilina, Foxconn in Nitra, and JAGUAR LAND ROVER in Nitra. Other segments include office space for AMAZON.

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