Metropolis brings a new dimension of urban living and working to Bratislava. Its parameters and amenities make it a new landmark in the city and a home for those looking for luxurious and comfortable living combined with a dynamic working environment and pleasant relaxation zones.

Metropolis is distinguished not only by its exclusive design and luxurious amenities, but also by the use of modern technology contributing to energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort and safety for residents and visitors. Consequently, Metropolis is becoming a modern and smart urban project that meets the highest demands for living and working in the 21st century.

Green revolution: Innovation for a sustainable future

Mint Investments, the developer, has bet on the latest technology, thanks to which the energy requirements in Metropolis are 25-30% lower. Quality technology means less maintenance hassle, lower costs, minimal need for rework and savings on operating costs. The project meets the most stringent requirements of the A0 energy certificate. Smart control systems are used for heating and cooling to optimise energy consumption. Innovative technology also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and eliminating CO2 emissions that are naturally generated by the operation of a residential building.

Heating, lighting, ventilation, cooling can be done in a modern way

The WOLF autonomous heat recovery system ranks among the best in its segment. The system monitors the indoor air quality and captures up to 94% of impurities, dust and pollen, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air even without ventilation. In addition, the system is equipped with an anti-allergy filter that traps allergens such as pollen, dust, particles of fumes and even bacteria and viruses.

The apartments are equipped with smart home systems that allow home owners to control lighting, heating, cooling and external blinds using a smartphone or tablet. The state-of-the-art radiant ceiling heating ensures an even temperature in the rooms and maximises heating efficiency. The unique REHAU system gradually cools rooms in summer without draughts or noise.

Exclusive materials already in the standard category

Clients have plenty to choose from; Metropolis offers a wide choice in the standard of interior materials. Clients have a choice from a variety of colour combinations of large-format wall and floor tiling from exclusive Italian manufacturers Italgraniti and Florim-Cerim. Durable three-layer wood flooring from the leading Slovenian manufacturer Floor Experts is available in six different décors.

Three model apartments are currently being completed, which will reveal the Metropolis standard in its full glory.

A green spot in a bustling city centre? That is Metropolis

The semi-private gardens in the style of Parisian or London neighbourhoods, which offer a wealth of leisure opportunities, are the icing on the cake. Metropolis residents will save a lot of time thanks to comprehensive amenities and walkability to adjacent city districts. Thanks to the pleasant surroundings, richly beautified with greenery, future residents will enjoy their home to the fullest. In addition, the three-bedroom apartments offer yet another feature not offered by any other project in this part of the city – a view of the vibrant city from the green terrace.

Metropolis is scheduled for completion in summer 2024. The first owners may move in in the autumn.