As a standard, Metropolis will be equipped with technologies that will not be visible at the first glance, but will provide residents with extraordinary comfort and energy savings, which are highly sought after these days. Residents can look forward to stress-free ventilation, cooling and efficient heating that not only saves money but also time spent on maintenance.

“All technologies used and the high-quality materials create harmony between comfort and low-cost operation of the building. Therefore, it is essential that everything works perfectly. To make sure of it, we set up a model apartment to test and debug the technology used. The result will be an energy-optimized system taking into account the client's demand for cost-saving solutions,“ said Sebastien Dejanovski from Mint Investments.


Intelligent ventilation prevents heat loss

Whether it's hot or cold outside, energy consumption depends on ventilation. Recovery as a system of optimal air exchange is no longer a novelty, but a sought-after feature. Naturally, Metropolis does not lag behind the trends and boasts a highly-efficient recovery system. Thanks to a recovery system, heat losses are minimized.

“For Metropolis, we chose a premium recovery system brand. It is easy to control, comes with intelligent regulation and demonstrably has the best acoustics among all available products of its kind on the market,“ explains Marek Moucha, project manager of Mint Investments. At the same time, he emphasizes that each apartment has its own recovery system. “This is a big advantage over central recovery system, where you need to feed a large central recovery unit for the entire building. Our solution is cost-friendly,“ said Marek Moucha.


How will it all work? Polluted air will be sucked from the entire apartment through the bathroom and toilet system into the recovery unit, where only its energy (heat) will be used and then it will be removed outside the building. The recovery system brings fresh air into the apartment from the outside. Air passes through high-standard filters capable of capturing even the smallest particles of dust, allergens and emissions from the outside environment.


Ceiling heating and cooling vs. radiators and air conditioning

Radiant heat or cold are the most natural for the human body. There is no unpleasant blowing, the heat is uniform throughout the room, there is no heat loss or heat islands.

“Among the many advantages of ceiling heating and cooling, I would also like to talk about the aesthetics and practical features, in particular no radiator or convector with a floor covering grid that is always dirty with dust and residues. Compared to underfloor heating, ceiling heating does not heat the furniture. That is why future residents of Metropolis can look forward to exclusive wooden floors in the “standard”, because with ceiling heating we don't have to worry about heat loss,“ states Moucha.

To control ceiling heating and cooling we use a hardware controller and an application. Thanks to that, the resident will be able to set a comfortable temperature in the entire apartment at any time, even remotely. The temperature gradients are set in such a way that the heating and cooling do not consume a lot of power. The heating and cooling system throughout the building is optimized to minimize operating costs. The technology used for the facade, which is made of light aluminum material with thermal bridges through which minimal cold penetrates, also takes these into account. Another important factor is the windows and balcony doors, which are insulated with triple glazing with an aluminum frame.

“We see that clients make their decision not only depending on the location, layout or facilities and equipment, but also whether the project is sustainable and whether it offers effective solutions for energy savings without having to think about taking any additional measures. When you move to a new place, you don't want to limit yourself, and that's exactly what this high technological standard guarantees,“ emphasizes Herrys partner Filip Žoldák.