Construction elements and layout are decisive for apartment buyers, according to a survey by Herrys real estate agency. As many as 83% of respondents opted for this preference, stating that the interior can be changed at any time. More than half (as much as 53%) also take into consideration the building’s overall appearance and how it fits into its surroundings. The appearance of the common areas also plays an important role.

“During our meetings and consultations with clients, we see that buyers are also really interested in the technical aspects of the construction. Layouts are crucial, because they are difficult to change. Today, apartments are becoming ever more compact, and so people want to get the most out of their square metres. They don’t want to cut away from the space with unnecessary columns, arches or other atypical architectural elements. They want to get a purposefully designed space that can be furnished very easily and practically. Their decision may even be based on whether they have a place to put up their Christmas tree,” explained Filip Žoldák from HERRYS real estate agency.  


The fact that not every standard is the standard was confirmed by as many as 44% of respondents who would prefer the option of choosing from several variants of the standard or equipment in the price of the apartment. For 23% of respondents, the level of the standard is so important that they are willing to pay extra for it. It is interesting that only a fifth (18%) of respondents would prefer a bare-shell apartment or bare-shell house, i.e. buying a property without any equipment; fewer than 10% of respondents would give preference to buying a fully furnished property with furniture.  


“The standard included in the price of the apartment says a lot about the quality and philosophy of the project itself. We can see this in the success of the Metropolis project in the downtown, where the developer has paid special attention not just to the building’s technological design, but also to the material design of the interiors, which are delivered in premium quality. We see the use of sustainable materials or technologies that help reduce the effects of climate change as something that clients appreciate. Buyers are aware and looking for a modern place to live in a healthy environment,” added Filip Žoldák from  HERRYS real estate agency.  


Bratislava’s new downtown is gradually expanding with new projects that offer all the advantages of living in the absolute centre of the city. For buyers, investing in this location also represents a safe deposit for their money.  Interest in them is already high during construction, which is also confirmed by the architecturally distinctive Metropolis project from developer Mint Investments.


“Clients’ demands regarding the level of the standard and the overall quality of housing did not surprise us at all. We took this into account from the very beginning and adapted the entire project accordingly. Each apartment in Metropolis comes ready-equipped with the latest technologies as standard, such as ceiling heating, ceiling cooling, high-quality air recovery and exterior shading. We also made sure that the technologies and materials used were sustainable, and that the floor plan offered the possibility of sufficient storage spaces and the connection of the living part of the apartment with the exterior.” said Sebastien Dejanovski of Mint Investments. “When I look at the results of the survey, we are glad that we predicted these trends very accurately.”

The survey was conducted online, with a total of 1133 respondents, of whom 52% were women and 48% men. More than half were respondents were aged 31-50 and living in Bratislava. More than two thirds of the respondents are also university graduates.